Valentine, Power of Love

A old revolutionary who spread Love and the suffering that goes with it where'er he goes.



Aspect 1 4/5 AMP
Domain 4 4/5 DMP
Persona — 4/5 PMP
Treasure 3 8/5 TMP

Wounds Afflictions
Normal o o
Tough o
Divine o o x x I cannot contain my love!


Eternal (3 CP)
Durant (1 CP)

Properties of Love

(2) Love moves the heart in beautiful and unpredictable ways.
(1) Love cannot be coerced, contained, or compelled.
(1) Love can redeem even the worst of us.
(1) Love, when not eternal, ends in heartbreak.
(1) Love justifies itself.
(1) Love resides in the heart.

Bonds and Afflictions

(A5) The Aegis of Shemhazai. The Aegis is not simply a miracle; it embodies how Valentine has embraced his own suffering – this Bond reflects his masochism, his self-loathing, his smug comfort in knowing that Hell always has his back (in a fucked-up Hellish sort of way), and his own love for his Imperator.

(B3) Valentine’s lovers and his children, the Nephilim.

(B2) I’m a sucker for the underdog, revolutionaries, and lost causes.

(B1) Cars, motorcycles, horses – whatever, Val likes shit he can drive that goes fast.

(B1) I’ve spent the last century or building mortal wealth, power, and influence over several worlds, and thus have lots of friends/family/lovers/houses in unlikely places.

(B1) The pitiful remains of the code of heaven. My heart is moved by the dramatic, the beautiful and the abstract; I love the performing arts and I can like talk to people through my flowers and that sort of bullshit.

(B1) No one can resist my suave charm! Too bad I can’t make someone else love me without me returning the favor.

(B1) I excel in manly pursuits.

(B1) The color red, it is mine.


Some Notable Anchors

Carmen (as in, the opera)
Tosca (ditto)
Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude in E Minor

Assorted Nephilim, including:
Zosimos the Fantastic, Mentalist extraordinaire
Ciribialdi, a hyperintelligent shade of fuchsia from an as-yet unnamed world (nebula?) where colors are the dominant life-form, probably conceived during an acid trip in the 1970s
Gunnar, a Jotun politician
Simone Brown, Chicago-based lobbyist
Javier “El Diablo Rojo” Luna-Garza, retired luchador and actor, whose most famous role is a long-running TV series about a Catholic priest who is also vampire hunter (his catch phrase is “Vaya con Dios” which is usually followed by him shooting someone or staking a vampire in the heart or something

A white 1960’s Ferarri barchetta that got parked in Hell for too long and then subsequently became a bright red 1995 Lamborghini Diablo
His yet-to-be named chestnut horse

Relentless, a red-tailed hark that he takes out for hunting

His fruity heraldry. Includes the flowers of his estate, a broken cup, hearts, the color scarlet.

Mirabelle, a black powder handgun that he probably killed some dude in a duel in once when he was a mortal

Gladys, a S&W .500 magnum


Valentine, Power of Love

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