Matthew Wednesday, Power of Death

Slacker-turned-cosmic investigator, Matthew serves as one of Azrael's Nobilis.


Properties of Death (7)

  • (2) Death ends Life in this Moment.
  • (2) Death frees the Soul from the Body. (Death Frees one to move on.)
  • Death Frightens or Intrigues.
  • Death hath no Colour, or has All.
  • Death shows how precious Life is.

Aspect OO, 5 amps
Domain -, 5 dmps
Persona OOOOO, 5 pmps
Treasure OO, 5 tmps


  • Final Estimation – Major Divination of History (5), simple miracle (-1), one target (-2), one trick (-3), uncommon (+1), 1 CP total
  • Durant

Bonds/Afflictions (13+1)

  • Bond (2): “
  • Bond (2): “I won’t take it back.”
  • Bond (2): “I hate wasted time.” (Matt’s tie-in to the Code of the Dark)
  • Bond (1): “I care about my sister, Rachel.”
  • Bond (1): “If something looks fishy, I want to know more.”
  • Bond (1): “Cemetaries are my temples.”
  • Affliction (2): “Everything of mine becomes touched by my Estate, eventually.”
  • Affliction (2): “If the ritual to call Death is performed, I will instantly be there.”
  • Affliction (1): “I live every Death of the day in my dreams.”

Passions/Skills (8)

  • Skill: Slacker (2)
  • Skill: Writer (1)
  • Passion: I Find Problems! (3)
  • Passion: I Want People to Fulfill Their Potential (2)

Matthew Wednesday is a young man, around 27 years old, with messy brown hair, a pale complexion, dark eyes and a smirking grin on his perpetually stubbly face. When out and about, he’s almost always found in his “uniform,” as he calls it—black shirt, black tie, black slacks, black jacket (if it hasn’t been misplaced already) and black, floppy brimmed hat, decorated with a bleached raven’s skull. Most of his other clothes are black, too—he’ll blame that on his “Death Bleed,” though if you catch him shopping it’s not always to blame.

Matthew is a smartass. It may be a front, a defense mechanism for all that he sees and, well…is. But he was mostly like that before, too.
He likes people. He may grit his teeth at some, muttering about tipping habits, and he may even flip some off for not signaling to turn while driving, and, yes, he’s got to shoot some, but he’s gained some compassion. Mostly, he looks at people with a grin that sometimes matches his usually sad eyes.
He hates waiting. He says he hates wasting time, but his definition is subtly different from others on that. Having drinks with friends, or spending an evening in front of the Xbox isn’t wasted, if there’s nothing important to do, and everyone is having fun. He doesn’t do much alone, except sleep. He’s very private about that, because of what he sees when he does.
Matthew encourages mortals that he meets to live life to the fullest—to try that thing they’ve been dying to do, pardon the pun.

Matthew Wednesday was Commenced 4 years ago, as Matthew…well, Creation forgets. Death likes to touch what is his, so now his last name is Wednesday.
Anyway, he’s been one of the Nobilis for about 4 years now. At first, Matthew didn’t let go of his rather banal life as a slacker and server at a St. Louis restaurant (don’t ask, the chain went under). Fortunately, not long after, he came to the realization of just what he was—and has since meddled ruthlessly in hunting Excrucians and their plots on Earth. This has the bonus of giving him a similar lifestyle to that of James Bond. He complains neither about the strife, nor the clichés.
About the same time, Matthew rescued his sister, Rachel, from a vampire attack. Rescue may be the wrong word, as he was technically too late, but he anchored her to help her, anchored the master vampire, and then forced her attacker to stand outside to greet the dawn. Now, Rachel…Wednesday, former winner of American Idol, makes night-time appearances, and bewitches people with her voice, new goth look, and hypnotic gaze. She’s bitter, but Matthew doesn’t “take it back,” and she technically died.

Matthew Wednesday, Power of Death

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