William Stein, Power of Tracking

Analytical, perceptive and neat. William sees humans as falling short, and seeks to raise a few worthy examples.


William Stein, The Duke of Tracking, Power of the Dark

Dark: — will say that people have a right to exist in this Imperator-haunted world; will stand up for the human right to self-governance, self-determination, and free existence in a world of cosmic entities. And that, at the least, is what you serve.

Properties of Tracking (7)
(3) Tracking collects a set of data
(1) Tracking follows a target
(2) Tracking only sees change
(1)Tracking requires attention

Aspect OOO (5)ooooo +
Domain OOOO (5)ooooo 1
Persona O (5)ooooo
Treasure O (5)ooooo

Health levels:
· 2 Divine Health levels;
· 1 Tough Health level;
· 2 Normal Health levels

Will (5):

Invisible (1)—level 5 (destruction of visual images) invocation


Bonds/Afflictions (14+(3))
Bond (3): I keep huge database of information safely in giant Maroon Crystal “hard drives” in my chancel.
Bond (2): I have a super secret spy network cult that has infiltrated most major corporations and governments on earth.
Bond (2): I love all forms surveillance gear.
Bond (1): I have a book that draws in and trains potential Eyes of Penopticon.
Bond:(3) I keep the secrets of the Family
Affliction (3): I notice everything around me. (which is sometimes very distracting).
Affliction (2): I must be accurate when reporting my tracking information.
Affliction (1): My appearance always is kept impeccable.

Passions/Skills (8)
Passion(2): I enjoy helping people raise up from pawn to player in the cosmic game of reality.
Passion(1) I love discovering new patterns and new information for my databases.
Skill(2): Corporate security consultant
Skill(2): Economist
Skill(1): Political scientist

Blue Crystal Computer-(Wondrous), but always connected and ginormous- accessed through terminals and wireless connections.
Relative position tracking device and pinhole 4 direction camera that records an hour of footage at a time. It broadcasts to my computer.
book: Eyes of Penoptecon (Miraculous)—4 in 1 spirits and the book itself.
Mcdonalds Camera # 5—excrution tracker (level 7/strike 3)
Camera with mic in the Unmentionable cafe
CEO of Veridian Dynamics(miraculous- economist)

Spy-network Cult: Eyes of Penoptecon spy society(anyone have suggestions?)
This is a secret cult that was seeded with a small group of FBI personal. He always liked Spies of all the categories listed here:
Business spies, Bosses, Cops, Private eyes and consultants, Spooks, Criminals, Whistleblowers, Friends and family(who spy). So he got advice from Heloise and started to look for people who were already good at and interested in refining their spying and tracking skills.

describe chancel surveillance:
There are a great many (fairly ubiquitous, especially around the Palace) steam punk mechanical silver spheres with propellers on top. They transmit back to my computer via radio waves and transmit sound and video, “rps” info, and other environmental information. The also are equipped with speakers so that one can speak through them. He is working on expanding a web of cameras, microphones and and speakers throughout the palace, avoiding anyplace that might offend Sindri. I also am always experimenting with implanting various information gathering devices through the palace and surroundings. I imagine a slowly expanding web of cables and wireless devices that include motion detection, cameras, microphones, temperature, seismic info, weather, etc. I want to have tracking tags that give audio “gps” and maybe visual? — I also will try to tag important servants and personal in the chancel as well. Also I have a map room that has various forms of recording and preserving all kinds of maps. . especially of the chancel but also of any other place we visit.

Specific Drones:
Drone 000-Blue-Palace entrance-outside.
Drone 111-Black- drifting around the edge of the Root Cave
Drone 222- White-near the entrance of Heloise’s estate
Drone 333-Green- somewhere in the more used parts of the forest clearings


He looks 24. He has Dark Black hair, impeccably kept and dark black eyes and glasses. He is always in a perfect suit and perfect hair. He always keeps his Smart Phone on him that connects to his computer. I walk with a sword staff. He keeps a a relative positioning tracking device and quad direction pinhole camera that records an hour of footage at a time, embedded in the handle of the sword/staff. I would like to anchor that device as well as well. http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01004/220-sword_1004088f.jpg

William Stein was a very likable, optimistic, idealistic guy before he became enobiled and he still retains much of that charm. Now, however, it has an edge to it. (straight) Now he knows just how screwed humanity is and that even the great and powerful Nobilis are not safe from the war. Even if there was no war Humanity is largely powerless against forces they cannot hope to control. What’s worse is most of the time they are not even aware of it. William had plans. He was going to change the world. He had been taught what was wrong with the world and he had been making plans to fix it. Course he was wrong. The Economy and World Politics wasn’t broken because people were bad. . well they were, but not just for that reason. Will was a political science major with an emphasis on the economy, and had just finished a PHD in Economics from NYU when it happened. Soon after he became a Power he realized a few things: 1. Humanity is broken far worse than he’d feared. 2. Humans mostly screwed and screwing it up worse. 3. If Earth and humanity is really important to the war then it can be for good or bad. Humans must either be destroyed or become something worthy of Creation’s defense. William thinks they are more likely to aid the Excrutions knowingly or not at this point but he’s more than willing to encourage improvement and encourage weeding out of the “chaff”. Besides he’s not entirely without compassion even for the hopeless masses. If they can’t be redeemed he prefers to encourage a fun or possibly useful self destruction. When he’s particularly depressed or worried, especially about his own safety, the more relaxed and crazy, sometimes even trying to mess up his appearance.

William is usually practical, fastidious, and efficient. He’d rather sit behind a desk with his computers, satellites, GPS devices, maps, and cameras to actually getting his hands dirty. He also enjoys collecting information and organizing it in as many different ways that he can. Finding new discoveries, new patterns, or tracking truly new information can delight him for a very long time. Between errands for his Imperitor, he will spend time on Earth looking for likely prospects among the humans for someone who might be able to handle the bigger picture. See Steps below.

His steps to becoming a “player” instead of a pawn: 1. become aware of the mythic, 2. Be motivated to Do something about it. 3.. acquire information or power that allows you to actually effect the world. 4. Serve creation by at least attempting to protect it, and at best actually participate in the war. it’s about not being helpless. and showing you have an effect.

I grew up. .. lived in NY City. parents, Nurse and. . and two sisters who were much older.Sarah (eldest) and Jenny. . . I am from Seattle and I was just out of grad school when I received the shard. I was working at Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington. http://www.efacw.org/about/

William Stein, Power of Tracking

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