Heloise De Clare, Power of the Dead

Romantic, loyal, creepy Heloise, forever young, forever dead--but with renewed purpose.


Heloise De Clare – Power of the Dead

Aspect 0
Domain 1
Persona 3
Treasure 3

(2) The Dead are no longer among the living.
(2) The Dead remember all the living knew in life.
(1) The Dead keep vigil over the living.
(1) The Dead inspire terror and ecstasy among the living.
(1) The Dead are cold, pale, silent, and still.

Passions and Skills:

Passion – I uphold the romantic ideals of my time. (2)
Passion – I want the arts to flourish. (2)
Skill – Socialite (3)
Skill – Archery (1)

Bonds and Afflictions (13+3+3) (Standard + Treasure + Imperial Miracle)
Affliction (2) – I inspire great passions in artists who spend time in my presence.
Affliction (2) – Living mortals that I care for often have strange dreams of my Chancel.
Affliction (2) – I feel it, like a growing dread deep in my bones, when large groups of the Living are about to enter my domain.

Bond (2) – I am the Queen of the Dead; my subjects love me, and I them.
Bond (1) – I always know the polite thing to say or do in any situation.
Bond (1) – I am an impeccable hostess, and will not allow a guest to come to harm in my home.
Bond (3) – I adore my brothers and sisters, and I want them to be happy.
Bond (1) – I protect those living beings that work closely with the Dead.
Bond (1) – White is my color, and white beasts are my allies.
Bond (1) – When it comes to the arts, I know everyone who is worth knowing.
Bond (1) – I know all about Necromancy and have amassed a respectable library on the subject.
Bond (1) – If I try, I can win any archery competition that I enter.
Bond (1) – The houses of the Dead are my temples and fortresses.

Immutable 1
Sure Shot (Archery at Aspect 5) 2
Shape Shifting 1 – She can take on the form of a white rook.

Personal Destiny gained – 62
Personal Destiny spend – 49

Notable Anchors
People, living and dead:

Edgar Allen Poe – Edgar has been Heloise’s anchor for 150+ years. She was very fond of him while he was alive, and her attachment caused his dreams to be haunted by strange and terrifying visions of Nidafjul. But being the kind of guy he was, he was sort of into that kind of thing. He did still drink himself to death though, and sadly, his love life hasn’t improved. He’s not doing anything of particular importance at the moment. Just chillin’ at the Salon. Or possibly wandering in the Pit. I can easily see him being the kind of guy who would be sick of dead socialites after 150 years, and want some time in solitude.

Ambrose Bierce – Improbably enough, Ambrose is still alive, and enjoying a comfortable retirement in Nidafjul. At almost 170 years old, he’s a very long-lived anchor (for a human), and according to some at the Salon, this is because he is too bitter to die. He’s a merciless critic who is generally unafraid to speak his mind, even to visiting nobles (many of whom are younger than himself). Most would assume that Heloise sought out Ambrose once he became famous for writing ghost stories, but they would be wrong. Heloise has known Ambrose since the days of the Civil War. Even then it was obvious that he was a gifted wordsmith, so when he was badly injured in battle at the age of 22, Heloise anchored him to preserve his life and his talent. She watched over him through the rest of the war and through the the trials of his adult life, including the deaths of both his sons and his divorce from his wife. 1913, he decided he’d seen about as much of earth as he wanted to, and left with Heloise to see more of Creation. Heloise often discusses her most troubling problems with Ambrose, because he’s one of the few people she can count on never to flatter her.

Horst Walter Curio – The San Fransisco necromancer. Horst may never be able to resurrect his wife, but he’s going to be able to do some really interesting things by the time Heloise is done with him. He’s currently studying necromancy with Heloise in Nidafjul, where he’s also learning about the true nature of Creation and the Valde Bellum. Eventually, he’ll be running an order of necromancers, and training others. Their goal will be to supply my undead army with magical support, cool weapons, and other weird stuff (Yay research!). That’s right. I’m building the Scholomance, and he’s totally going to be the Headmaster. (The Scholomance is a real thing from folklore, and I knew about it before I played WoW, for those of you who are curious).


The Elysian Salon – An ancient power of the Dead once built a small temple in the face of a tree root, and beneath the temple built a library. This was so long ago that the scribes etched the memories of the dead on clay tablets. Over the ages, younger powers have built over the same spot, and updated the technology, to some degree. First there were tablets, then papyri, then vellum scrolls. A millennium ago, Brother Micah modernized the library by instructing the librarians to compile memories into codices. He built a small abbey over the original temple (the root it was built into has long-since receeded), and there he collected his own private library and conducted his own necromantic experiments. When Heloise inherited the library, she had a sprawling English manor built around the abbey, and once her friends began to die, she collected their souls and brought them there to dwell until such time as they should wish to move on. The Elysian Salon is richly appointed and offers its guests and residents all the comforts and pass times that the English nobility enjoyed 200 years ago. The souls of many of humanity’s best and brightest reside there now – poets, writers, musicians, artists, philosophers, inventors, idealists, activists… Heloise has, in the past, entertained a great number of powers of the Light at the Salon, her hidden agenda being to give humanity’s best and brightest a chance to converse with, and perhaps influence, those powers most keenly interested in shaping humanity’s future. The Salon lies deep in the woods of Nidafjul, the romantic ideal of the remote country manor, but for the sprawling, overgrown graveyards instead of gardens, and the zombies in the trees.

Chrysanthemum – Heloise’s art gallery in San Fransisco. I actually don’t need to write a novel about this one!

The San Fransisco Columbarium – This is a beautiful old building has over 8500 niches for the housing of human remains. It stands in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, not far from Heloise’s apartment. This place is now a temple to her, though word of it being sacred to the patron of the dead has probably not spread very far as of yet. This will probably become the headquarters of her order of necromancers, once Horst gets back from Nidafjul, though the school will probably be somewhere else.
Heloise’ Shrine in the San Francisco Columbarium – On the second floor, in the western-most alcove, there’s a moderately large niche, about two feet from the floor, which is occupied – but not by the ashes of the dead. The niche, the interior of which has been painted with abstract depictions of birds and serpents, contains a small marble pedestal, on which rests an ornately etched glass dome. Under the dome, an ivory statuette of a white bird wearing a golden crown rests on a bed of dried rosemary and chrysanthemum petals. An empty alabaster bowl stands before the pedestal, and a small charcoal burner sits beside that. Little advertises the presence of the shrine, except for the sent of rosemary, cypress, and myrrh, which lingers in the alcove and the walkway beyond.

The graveyards of San Fransisco – These represent a collection of potential anchors.


Heloise De Clare, Power of the Dead

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