Finnick Spencer, Power of Blood

Ever-moving, this orphan seeks the interesting and the cast-off to bind to himself or others.


Finnick Spencer
Power of Blood

Attribute, Level, MP Pool, Bonus MP, Current MP
Aspect, 1, 5, 6, 11
Domain, 3, 5, 1, 6
Persona, 4, 3, 3
Treasure, 0, 5, 5, 10

(2) Blood nourishes and sustains Life.
(2) Blood binds and requires connection.
(2) Blood flows, circulates and stains.
(1) Blood carries and transfers.

Immutable (1)
Durant (1)

Skills & Passions
Skill (3): Cook
Skill (0): Waiter
Skill (1): Politics
Passion (3): Any action is better than doing nothing.
Passion (1): I like to bring people together.

Bonds & Afflictions
Affliction (3): I cannot be inactive. Blood must flow, and so must I.
Affliction (2): I inspire connection in those who meet through me or my actions.
Bond (2): Things that feed on blood are my pets.
Bond (1): I want to understand my family and the parts of my past that I do not remember.
Bond (2): I care about the staff and patrons of Ananda.
Bond(3): I will adapt to any situation.
Bond(3): I am responsible for the direction of my familia.

2 Divine
1 Tough
2 Normal

Richard (vampire) borrowed Richard’s body for a week and experimented with his freaky vampire powers
Quinton (owner of Ananda)
Max – homeless vampire in San Francisco
Delores – really old vampire in San Francisco
Bunch of scattered vampires

Personal Destiny: 42 / 57

Giant blood
Giant butter knife
Cooperation – shapeshifting blade given to me by Eushemone
Angel blood


Finnick Spencer, Power of Blood

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